Monday, March 5, 2012

I Use My Mind Most of the Time... With the Exception of my Heart and Gut

People usually put two-and-two together when they are asked how they think:  I use my mind, think about something, and then make a decision based on that thought.  For the most part, this is how the human brain works.  We think of something with our mind and then make a decision or assumption based off of it.  But you know what's surprising?  Most of us are at fault for using our gut and our heart when making a decision.  Sometimes, our gut decisions do not require any thinking and are done "on the spot."  When it involves our heart, we revel over it - for hours, for days, and sometimes, even for years.  When our mind and heart get entangled, decisions take a while to happen.  For me, it takes months to make certain decisions whenever my heart gets involved.

The most influential factors in my decision-making process? 1) Will it hurt someone I know? 2) Will it affect someone I know, and if so, will the effect be detrimental or constructive? 3) How will this affect me in the long run?

I think the factors most important to me are the influential factors.  How will it affect me?  I guess sometimes I make my decisions superficially - just understanding the jist of everything and deciding off of whether or not it will affect me in some way or another.  But sometimes, if it's something important, of course I look into it deeper - a LOT deeper - and I try to understand every aspect of the decision I'm trying to make. Yada dopple yaddaa ding dong.

Yeah.. pretttyy much.

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