Thursday, September 9, 2010

Secrets To Be Told...: Part 1

"Tick tock.  It’s 6 in the morning and I’m in my bed. My eyes are on the borderline of being opened, but I stop myself before its too late. "

Tick tock.  In any minute, my alarm is going to ring. I had a small urge to turn it off, to spare myself from the annoying beeping, but the urge to be lazy for the next 2 minutes overpowered it and I stayed snuggled in my sheets.
Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick to- RIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGG.
'Ugh, there it is.’  I slowly made my way up through my sheets and I reached the surface. ‘Ouch.’ I put my hands in front of my eyes. ‘Who opened the god damn curtains?’
RIIIIINNNNGGGGG. The alarm clock was still ringing.  I slowly crept across the bed and hit the top of the alarm clock with my left hand, while my other hand covered my face from the blinding light that so rudely surprised me minutes before. I checked the clock again. 6:13AM. I had a couple more minutes.
I got off the bed slowly, blindly trying to find my slippers on the ground. I felt something soft. ‘There’s one’. I slipped my foot into its soft interior.  ‘Now where is that other one?’ I searched for it with my other foot, but no luck. ‘Damnit, it must have gone under the bed’. I crouched down to look under the king-sized bed, searching for the fuzzy blue monster I call my slipper. ‘Okay, dust bunnies, lost hair clips but no- Oh! There it is,’ I reached under the bed and pulled out my sock, ‘found you.’ I slipped it on my last bare foot and headed to the bathroom. I turn on the light and the first thing I do is look in the mirror. ‘Yuck.’  I stare at my identical reflection and analyze: messy hair, dried saliva on the side of my cheek, eye crust, and dark circles under my eyes.
“I look amazing.” I whisper to myself in a sarcastic manner. I begin to splash cold water on my face. It feels refreshing.  I look back up at my reflection. ‘That’s a bit better. I guess. It’s not like Jordan would ca-.’  I stop myself mid way in thought. ‘You promised yourself you wouldn’t mention him! He’s in the past, Laurie.’  I splash more water on to my face. ‘Laurie, forget about him. Who cares what you look like at school today? Just do what you normally do.’
I listened to my conscience. Really, why SHOULD I care? 

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