Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Secrets To Be Told...: Part 2

 I patted my face dry and applied some eyeliner on my eyelid. My hands were still a bit wet, so the liner slipped and poked my eye. ‘Shit! Ow.’ I winced and looked at the mirror again. ‘Great.’  My right eye was now red and a little bit of the liner smeared across the bottom part of my eye.  I got a piece of tissue and wiped it off. ‘I guess that’s a sign for me not to wear make-up today. Whatever, it’s okay. I have no one to impress.’I went back to my room and opened my closet. A few shirts fell to my feet, but I didn’t care too much. I looked at all the different colors and styles of the other shirts in my closet and was stumped.

“What to wear, what to wear.” I said, in deep concentration. “Today is a Tuesday, and Tuesday is usually the day I wear a big T-shirt and shorts, because that’s when Jordan would-“ I stopped myself again. ‘Jesus, Laurie! Get a grip. You need to let go; Jordan is NOT part of your life now. He’s gone.’ I grabbed a flannel shirt and a pair of ripped jeans.  I went to my bathroom to undress myself, because for some reason, the thought of taking my clothes off in a bedroom just made me sick to my stomach today. I glanced at the mirror one more time before leaving the bathroom, and stopped. ‘Oops, my hair. I need to do something about that.’ My locks seemed more like an afro this morning, so I just took a hair tie and brushed everything back into a ponytail. ‘That’ll do for today.’  I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. I grabbed the orange juice and a pastry from the day before.  I poured the juice into a glass cup, and took a small bite out of the pastry. ‘Yuck!’ I looked at the filling inside the flaky bread. ‘Goddamn apple? Ugh, can’t my mother do anything right?’ I threw away the pastry, and creeped to the outside of my mother’s room.  I slowly opened the door and peeked my head through. She was still asleep. ‘Of course. Awesome, mom.’  I crept farther in and stole the keys to the pick-up. ‘She won’t need the car today. She can always take a taxi… it’s not like I haven’t.’  I got the keys, my school bag, and my glass of orange juice, and headed out the door.  I started the pick-up and turned on the radio. 

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