Thursday, September 23, 2010

Secrets To Be Told...: Part 4

              I look at my watch, tick tock. Tick tock. I look around the parking lot. There was one more car then last time; I didn’t recognize it.  ‘Must be a new kid, or an old kid with a new car.’ It was a blue Corolla with a “Jesus is my Homeboy” bumper sticker on its trunk. ‘Hah, we’ve got a new religious guy at school. Just what we need. Hope none of the football players see that car; they’ll never leave that kid alone.’ I looked down at my clock again. 7:08AM. I checked the parking lot to see if Alisson had come.  I couldn’t find her, but I did come across something strange. The new Corolla was there, but I noticed that there was someone inside. ‘Strange. I wonder if he’s doing work or something… or maybe he’s- No. That’s not possible. You’re just becoming paranoid.’  I looked at my watch again, with more anxiety this time.
            7:10AM.  Time seems to go by so slowly.

            I looked up at the blue car again, this time analyzing it a bit more. The windows were tinted, but you could see inside if you looked hard enough.  I faintly saw the figure in the car; he seemed pretty still.  I kept staring, trying to focus on his face. I could tell he was man, just by his broad shoulders and his seemingly short hair. 
            The man in the car flashed his lights several times. ‘Odd, why would he do that.’  I looked around me to see if there was anyone else. Nope, not a person in sight. I looked back at the car; it stopped flashing it’s lights.  ‘What the hell is going on?’  I started to become a bit paranoid. ‘Maybe it’s Jor-? NO. He’s gone, Laurie. Don’t freaking forget that. You’re becoming too paranoid.’  I looked down at my watch in more anxiety then before.
            7:15AM. What the- where’s Alisson?’  I slowly fixed my eyes back on the blue Corolla. I jumped.
            There, leaning on the driver’s door, was a hooded figure.  I couldn’t see his face, for his hood was creating a dark shadow and I couldn’t get past it. He was wearing a black hoodie, dark jeans, and Converse. ‘That reminds me of- Don’t say his name. Do NOT say his name.’ I shuddered and realized that the man was staring at me; there was no one else beside or behind me, and he was facing this direction.  I tensed up and tried to shake it off. ‘It CAN’T be him. No, it can’t be. And maybe he’s just spacing out.’ I stared at my watch again, hoping for time to have passed by. 

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