Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Secrets To Be Told...: Part 5

            7:20AM. ‘Damnit, Alisson, where are you?’ I got nervous and began to shake. It wasn’t that cold out, but I had goose bumps.  I moved my eyes back to the hooded figure, to see if he did anything new; he did.
            The hooded figure had disappeared. ‘Where did he go?! Hrm, maybe he went to his class… I’m thinking too much. Why was I so paranoid? Obviously he’s a new kid who came to this school early. Duh.’  I exerted a sigh of relief; I guess I was feeling shaky all for nothing. I guess what happened in the past just scarred me for life.  I looked at the parking lot, and didn’t see Alisson anywhere, so I went back inside the hallways. I went to get my cell phone, to see if I got any texts while I was outside.  
            0 unread messages.
            ‘Ugh, Alisson.’  I put my  cell phone back and turned around. I screamed.
            The hooded figure was standing right behind me, with his arm outstretched towards me.  I screamed to the highest decibel I could and began hitting him away. I was pretty weak, but I tried the best I could.  I became even more scared when he began to fight back.  He tried holding my arms, so I began to kick him. I hit him pretty hard in the knee, so he collapsed quickly.
           “GET ON YOUR FEET NOW!” I yelled, in a mocking manner. “Get up you worthless piece of garbage! GET UP.” I began to kick him some more.
            He deserved it.  Jordan deserved it.
             Jordan deserves all the beatings in the world.  Jordan deserves to be chained up to a moving truck and left to drag everywhere.  Jordan deserves to be in more pain than what he put me through.  I kicked him once again.  “Jordan, I swear to God.  You have ruined my life, and now, I’m going to get you back.”

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