Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'd Bring Back...

If I could bring one person to life,  I would choose Anne Frank.  And if I were to serve her dinner, I would serve bread and cheese; simple, yet filling.

Some of you might question why I chose Anne Frank, but most of you would understand.  She's one of the most well-known Jewish figures that died in the Holocaust, known mainly because of her diary, which was later published as "The Diary of Anne Frank."  However, she wasn't well-known when she died, but became famous after the discovery and publishing of her diary.  I read the book and I honestly can say that she is one of the most courageous people I have ever 'met' (figuratively of course; I met her through her writings).  Even as a young adolescent, she was able to brave everything that was going around her.

I am a teenage girl; courage to me is being able to ask the boy I like out on a date. Courage to me is being able to stand up to a friend's bully.  Courage to me is doing an 'unthinkable' thing, however, still standing up for myself. But you know, courage to me is nothing compared to the courage Anne Frank showed during the Holocaust.  If I was put in her position, I would have cried the minute I moved; I probably wouldn't have been able to contain myself.  My fear of being discovered would over-come me and force me to either commit suicide (not kidding here) or ruin it for everyone.  Anne Frank? She survived those years in the attic with her family and still tried her best to have a life. At first, she was like any other girl and dreaded the idea of leaving because of the horrible Nazi's that were threatening her life.  But, she was able to overcome it.  

I would bring Anne Frank for the fact that she is brave, but also, to ask her how she did it.  How was she able to contain her fear?  How was she able to overcome the obstacles that were thrown at her left and right?  I admire her bravery and envy it. 

And you might ask me why I chose bread and cheese.  Anne Frank was nothing more than a simpleton, like the rest of us.  Living up in the attic, she was forced to live the simplest lifestyle possible.  I don't want to serve an extravagant feast for her; it would feel like I'm praising her or giving her an accolade for her achievements. Anne Frank was a humble person, and I too, try to be humble.  I don't want to feel like I'm better than her or try to impress her; simplicity is always the way to go.  It's easy, effective, and it gets people where they need to be. Bread and cheese is simple, yet filling.  Anne Frank was a courageous person who loved the idea of simplicity, so why would I give her something any more complicated than bread and cheese?  I would risk her being insulted; she was a humble person!  Why should she deserve a feast when there were people around the world barely making it?  Why should be celebrating her revival by praising her through food, when people around were celebrating the days they were living through?  

Anne Frank, in my opinion, would be my most ideal person to bring back from the dead. And bread and cheese would be the simplest and most ideal food to serve for dinner.

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