Wednesday, December 1, 2010


"... Severus, please." 

The infamous last words of this magical being right before he was killed.  He's courageous; he's smart; he's old but wise, and he has a LOT of virtue going on.  He's Dumbledore, the famous old wizard in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.  I have a lot of respect for this dude, even IF he is a fictional character in a book.  Throughout the first couple of books, Dumbledore is deemed a powerful, but respected, figure in the Wizarding world.  You don't find out too much about his character, other than the fact that he has a lot of respect for the young protagonist, Harry Potter, and helps him out in his quest.  Although Dumbledore is not the main character of the series, he is my literary hero.

One of the most heroic attributes (in my opinion) that Dumbledore has is his sensibility.  He knows the difference between right and wrong, and even in dire times, he knows exactly what to do.  He doesn't blow up and act irrationally; he calmly seeks things through. For someone who is in as much turmoil that he is, that's a really respected (and rare) attribute.  That's what a hero is supposed to be like, right?  A hero is a role model who succeeds in triumphing over evil and what-not, by using smarts, wit, skill, and above all, rationality. Dumbledore is the epitome of heroes, because he is all that and then some.

Also, he is a realllly virtuous guy.  He focuses more of his time on Harry, rather than himself.  From the minute the young boy, who lived through He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's wrath, walked into Hogwarts Academy, Dumbledore has sought out to be his mentor and friend.  For a guy who was over a HUNDRED years old, that's pretty cool, huh? To try and connect with the younger generation and help them out.  I know, I know, Harry Potter is more than just an average, everyday wizard who needs help on his homework, but I honestly think that Dumbledore's virtues show greatly when he's dealing with Harry.  This is truly evident in the last 3 books, where Dumbledore seeks help for Harry, as well has mentoring him.  He's pretty logical and ethical; he knows what to do, plus it's definitely a morally right action. Pretty heroic... right?!?!

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