Monday, November 22, 2010

What Do I See?

     Every morning, I wake up  (I know, way to state the obvious, Amber). But seriously, I do; I wake up, I dread the idea of leaving my dream world, and I slowly stretch my way up and off my bed. Every morning I gaze at the same white ceiling; every morning I turn to the left to see the same brown closet doors; every morning I stand up and face the same open door. And you know what? Through that open door, I see the same, blank, white wall. For the past eight years, I have gazed upon the same white wall; it hasn't changed one bit. It's a bit ironic, how the plain white wall contrasts with my life... greatly Every day, my life's mood alternates between really exciting to excruciatingly dull. My wall? No, it stays the same. I mourn silently over the dullness that presents itself to me every single morning.
I strongly dislike plain, white walls.
     What would I do to change it? I have several ideas in mind. I could bulldoze the wall over, so I can get a chance to gaze upon nature in it's finest sense; barely touched by sunlight and vulnerable to the everyday dangers surrounding it. Or, I could simply place a window on the blank wall, so I could get that same feeling, without getting the consequentially humidity. But you know, the idea of bulldozing the wall does sound quite appealing. I'll get the whole package: I'd be able to see the beauty of a sunrise as it sets itself upon my grass, flowers, and trees, plus I'd be able to feel the early-morning breeze and smell the dew that places itself on everything throughout the night.
      Realistically, none of this is possible. The idea of bulldozing, let alone putting a window into, my plain, white wall, would never surpass my parent's minds; EVER. So, if I had to change my wall and make it realistic, I'd probably paint it. I could say that just painting it my favorite color would suffice, but then I'd just be looking at a blue or green wall every single morning... what's so different or special about that? Instead, I would probably paint a scene; a scene that could be interpreted differently every morning that I see it. I could paint a scene that could have a different story; a different beginning, a different end, and a different reason. I might possibly paint my wall as a forest, light barely gleaming through the leaves on its canopy. However, the light would focus itself on a fox with a piece of fabric in it's mouth; a white and red piece of fabric. There are so many stories that can come out of that painting. 
    You might ask why I would want this, I would simply say this: it's entertaining and it get's my mind going. Although I am a morning person, the first few minutes of the waking up process is somewhat difficult. It is quite hard for me to think logically when I wake up. If I were to paint that white wall with an ambiguous painting, it would be the perfect start of my day. My mind would race, craning and searching every corner of my imagination, trying to come up with a solution. Trying to come up with a story; a beginning, an end, and a reason. 

This to me would be the thing to do. This to me is my ideal picture to wake up to; the perfect setting.

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