Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Idea of a Realistic "Utopia"....

I'm sitting in my living room, by myself, on a Saturday morning.  It's about 5:55am, and the sun is just rising.  I see rays of orange, pink, blue, and a slight shade of lavender. It kind of reminds of a movie scene, where the main character looks out his or her window and reminisces about the life he or she has been given; not only that, but that character pictures his or her life in utter perfection.  I try to do the same thing, and I slowly make my way towards my window, waiting for an epiphany or revelation to hit.  I move my curtain, and as the golden light from the sun hits me, I see...

Absolutely nothing.  I don't have any special revelations.  I don't picture my life in a Utopian society.  All I see is a beautiful picture in front of me.   You see, I'm more of a "here-and-now" person, instead of  a"what-will-I-do-in-20-years" kind of work-a-holic. I don't think about what life would be like if it was 'perfect' so... how can I write something detailed about my perfect society? You see, I've been asked to write a full, 600-word blog about my Utopian society, aka my idea of a paradise. The idea itself is quite easy; everyone can write about their perfect society... but the idea itself is hard to expand. How can anyone be so detailed when describing their Utopian society? To top it off, I have to write about a realistic Utopia.  Where the heck can there be a realistic Utopia? The reason it's a Utopia is that it's a perfect, unimaginable place that no one has ever seen nor experienced.  Everything has flaws, so the idea of a realistic Utopia seems pretty ironic and paradoxical to me.

But since I am forced to write about it, I guess I'll try my best to fluff up my idea of a flawless, realistic paradise. 

I'm sitting on a chair. Wait, no, no, no, I take that back. I'm on the beach; Micro Beach to be exact. It's later in the afternoon, so the sun is low and the temperature is cool. I love the weather when it's like this, because I can wear shorts, feel a breeze, and not shiver. It's also a Friday... wait no, a Saturday, because I usually don't have school-affiliated activities on that day, and I honestly can't take school on for more than 5 days a week at a time.  It's a late Saturday afternoon, and I'm with my family and friends sitting on the beach.  I'm not with every single one of my friends; only with the closest.  The people who make me feel happy and not enraged.  The people who I don't get mad at for making fun of me, but rather, laugh with.  The people who make living worthwhile, you know?  My idea of paradise will always include my friends.  And my family, consisting of my mom and dad, will be there with me. I could stretch the reality, and say that my sister, grandma, and great-aunt are there too, but it's not realistic, so I won't expand on them.  My mother and father, however, are key components to my life.  I make it seem like they're not, or that they're simply nuisances. In reality, they're my best friends.  I can relate with my mother - she understands more than I lead on. She's a great advice giver, in that she guides me from right and wrong, but still trusts my own judgement. I always talk with her, and I don't even realize it til the end of the day, about how much we share. My father is my best friend in that he's always fun to be around.  He's the type of guy that cracks jokes at me whenever I make a mistake (or succeed).  He also makes fun of my friends, so I guess that just makes him more personable. He is the one man I trust 100% and I love him dearly.  My friends and my family are my backbones, so to imagine paradise with out them is truly just... hell. 
Saipan sunsets (although I might be bias) are the best

So, to expand on this paradise, I'll need to include details, like what we're doing, for how long, the expressions on our faces, etc... right?

We're all pretty much laughing.  We've just finished playing a game of beach volleyball, and to cool off, we're all sitting on the sand.  We're all still minors, so we technically can't have a "drink," so instead, we're all drinking our favorite fruit/savory smoothies.  Specifically, I'm drinking a chocolate milkshake, one of my favorite, refreshing drinks. We're taking turns telling funny jokes and reminiscing about our roller-coaster lives.  People on the left of me are laughing, while the people on my right are talking nonsensically, causing the people on my left to roar louder with laughter.  I love laughing; the sound of it is incomparable.  My paradise would include a lot of laughter, because it is the root of all happiness (in my opinion). 
As we all continue laughing, the sun is just about to set.  Hues of blues, reds, and purples shoot across the sky, a elegant sort of 'fireworks' or something like that?  We all start to hush each other up and stare at the mystic scene in front of us. It's funny too, because we live on an island, where ocean sunsets are the norm... yet we never tire of it.  The sun is slowly descending into the horizon, causing the colors in the sky to brighten and concentrate.  Our eyes dilate at the spectacle, and inside of us (not outside, because we're all too contained and reserved in that sense), we express loud "Ooohs" and "Aaaahs."  A green flash goes off, and the sunset quickly goes away. That, my friends, is the end of my day in paradise.

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