Monday, February 20, 2012

Remembering High School...

I wouldn't particularly say that I have a favorite high school memory.  Not that my high school moments were full of depressing, 'I stay in the dark corner talking to myself' tidbits, but it's just I can't create a concrete, favorite memory at the top of my head.  Nothing really stands out.  HOWEVER, I think I can say some of my favorite moments are when my friends and I make nerdy math-related jokes.  To you, they might not be funny.  Well, to most people in general, they're probably not funny.  But to a class who has been known to exceed teachers' expectations in the intelligence sphere, math jokes are the funniest.  (Pretty ironic too, since most of my class absolutely hates anything math related).

Funny Math Moment #1:  Sophomore Year.

Most of the humor in our class comes from the accidents of the males and the witty intentions of the females (no sexism - just an observation).   This upcoming situation is a perfect example of the humor our female class maintains.   Let me write it in YE OLD ENGLISH... because it's fun that way.

IT TWAS' the day of volleyball games, and us females were chatty.  When we got into the gym, we were all volleyball clad-y.  We looked where to sit, so we took to the floor.  The shame we did not feel, but the attention, oh Lord!  Eyes were upon us, and at first, we were scared.  But as time passed,  we equaled their stares.  So today wasn't odd, no not in the least.  We were all laughing as we took our seats.  One brave little Shane, was laughing and talking.  She was the funniest, for everyone was stalking.  And we were in a circle with our pairs of shoes, when Shane suddenly said, "And I said, negative 2!"  We all laughed, for it was a reference from school.  An answer from a question that we all knew.  What if someone had stumbled upon us? And heard those words, instead of a fun cuss.  And to hear the laughter that came after, from the floor to the ceilings, up in the rafters.

Okay, no more old English.  But yeah, one of my favorite moments was when we were all wondering what it would be like to stumble upon a nerd conversation? "AND I SAID, NEGATIVE 2" being a reference to a joke, but you wouldn't get it....

Funny Math Moment #2:

Okay, so this is an example of the conversations that go on between Jian, Zoe, and I.  Most of the time, they are intellectual and deep, but sometimes, they lack substance and just sound stupid.  In this case, it was both.

We were walking down the long, outdoor walkway, when we started talking about the attractiveness of our student body.  As we trailed on to the boys, we started making comments (no offense boys, we are entitled to an opinion!).  We didn't name names and we didn't point fingers, but we did make a general conclusion that the boys at our school needed more variety - more UMPH!  So we had just come from math, and Zoe goes, "If our boys were on a chart, we'd be negative." And I went, "Yeah, we'd be like, in the third quadrant."  After a pause and look what I just said, we all started laughing so hard.   To you, it wouldn't be funny.  To us, it was like the funniest thing in the world.  So shut up. Thanks :)!

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