Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yum Yum in my Tum

I like food.  Food is good to me.  It gives me nutrition, it makes me full, and it satisfies me.  Food cheers me up when I'm in a depressed mood and it saves me from my own thoughts.  Instead of sulking in my depression, I focus on the food that I eat and become happy.  I like how food tastes and how it makes me feel.  It's a sad thing. to pick one dish and then admire it on a pedestal; I think all food should be admired for the qualities that they maintain and the different tastes they contain.  But, alas, decisions have to be made and reality must be faced.  I guess my favorite dish would have to cheesy pasta, with mushrooms, spinach, and chicken, and a side of toasted bread with a spread of butter.

Since I am an athlete and I am always on the go, I have to maintain a certain diet.  Carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruits are key to supporting my athletic lifestyle.  It's no wonder that I am always craving pasta and bread.  It's so delicioussssss. I LOVE pasta and I LOVE bread. However, I do not like spaghetti.  I have tried my best to like it - I always force myself to eat spaghetti, in hopes that I could like it - but all of my attempts failed.  This is why I love my mom's cheesy pasta.   It's so good.  When the chicken is cooked just right, tender and juicy, my eyes and stomach long for more.  When the rigatoni is cooked just right, my mouth waters.  And when the mushrooms, spinach, and chicken mix nicely in the creamy, cheesy mixture of pasta sauce, I know that the pasta is the best.

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