Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ho ho ho and a Bottle of... Eggnog

My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It would be a lie if I said that I chose those holidays for the spirit and not the food.  My favorite thing about these two holidays is the FOOOD.  I think my perfect holiday would be a Christmas & Thanksgiving holiday mash-up with a long, all you can eat buffet.

I'm pretty sure my perfect holiday will go like this:

Wake up in the morning to a plethora of gifts wrapped in beautiful wrapping.  Then I'll see a beautiful breakfast on my tables: potatoes, eggs, fried rice, pancakes, french toast.  (Oh, and on this holiday, my stomach will magically be able to hold as much food as I want).   I'll eat the food and then go to my presents.  They will be beautiful and everything and the presents I give my parents will be thoughtful and equally amazing.   And then, after unwrapping gifts, we will go to the beach to play some volleyball.  Living on an island enables us to play volleyball year round outside, so we do that for a couple hours.  And then for lunch, we go to a friends house and enjoy even more food.  Have wonderful conversation and play games and laugh.  The food will consist of sandwiches, ham and mashed potatoes (and of course more).  After we stuff our bellies, we sleep.  NAP TIME! After a 1-2 hour nap, we get up and get dressed up.  We go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate this Christmas/Thanksgiving and eat even more food (thankfully, again, on this perfect holiday, my stomach doesn't bloat after too much food.

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