Thursday, April 12, 2012


"ADVENTURE TIME." Life is always one huge adventure.  All the small things? They're what make the adventure interesting.  The ups and downs are what makes the adventure... adventurous.   Even though people imagine adventures as long journeys through turmoil and hikes and climbs through the mountains of Mordor, adventures can be much simpler.  An adventure could be going to the grocery store at 1am and riding on the shopping carts.  An adventure could be going through the boonies to find something interesting - whether it's a gold chalice or a puppy dog - and coming out of it completely unscathed.  Life is one huge adventure, because you test yourself by doing fun activities - by challenging yourself into doing things you normally wouldn't do.  Not necessarily extremely challenging or scary feats, but things you normally don't do.

ADVENTURE TIME!  Although I've been subjected to the realms of my bedroom, mauling over the piles of school work I have, I try to make my life an adventure.  Everyone has a different idea of what an exciting adventure is,  and to me, an exciting adventure is just anything out of the ordinary or something different than everyday simplicity.  Go to the beach and do yoga.  Go to the Grotto and climb up rocks.  Go hike to Forbidden and go to the hidden cave.  Go to get ice cream at midnight.  I am going to live my life by this motto, because it's what makes life fun and worth living.  If life wasn't an adventure, than it wouldn't be fun.  And then it what would we live for? I don't know the meaning of life, but I'm sure it isn't about sulking around in the world, playing it safe.

I like to live my life as an adventure. I want to go bike to a bagel shop by myself at 1am (in a safe neighborhood, duh) and buy every type of bagel just to make the owner happy (btw, it's a 24-hour bagel shop).  I want to go have a party by a pool side and swim without a bathing suit (but with clothes LOL).  I just want to have an adventure. EVERYTIME is ADVENTURE TIME.  That's the good thing about my motto - there is always an opportunity for an adventure.  You just have to find it or make it.  That's why I dislike people who say they live boring lives or don't do certain things because they aren't "fun."  You make things fun. You make life an adventure - you just have to give it a chance to.

I don't want to live a life without adventure.  That would mean I would live a sad, uneventful life.  Sure, maybe I haven't done much with my life as of yet, but I plan to do more.  I plan to have more fun.  I plan to branch out. I plan to have more adventures. Why? Because my motto is "ADVENTURE TIME" and it just happens to be the name of an animation show that I like to watch. :)  Maybe my motto was different prior to now, but right now it is adventure time.  Any time is adventure time. :D

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