Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have to admit, today's Pre-Calculus class was epic... wait no, it was BEYOND epic.

Our AMAZING teacher, Mr. Lee (who hopefully, will give me an A for this AWESOMETASTIC blog), introduced us to this game we like to call "Greed." The name itself implies that the game involves self-control and reasoning.

The objective of the game is to have the most points in the end. After several rounds, you rally all the points up and that is what decides the winner.

How do you get points? It's actually quite simple. To start off, you have to have a 6-sided die. The number you roll, is the number of points you get. Simple right? To start off the game, everyone who is playing has to stand up. Every time a die is rolled, the person standing gets the number of points that is shown on the die. However, when a player feels that it's appropriate to stop gaining points, they sit down. Sounds awesome and all right? But of course, there has to be a catch... there's always a catch in a gambling game! The catch is that if you happen to roll a two after the first roll, you receive zero points for the entire round and you have to sit down.

Would you play? Probably not, but I guarantee you, it's a pretty fun 'gambling' game for those who don't want to confuse themselves with Poker, Texas Hold'em, etc. I think one of the qualities that makes this game so fun and understandable, is that almost everyone with an average-statistic background knows the chances of rolling every number. Unlike Blackjack or Poker, in which the player knows the statistics somewhat but everything is mostly based on luck, Greed gives every player the chance to understand their probabilities.

Every player has a 1/6 chance of getting two, which means they have a 5/6 chance in getting any number but it. So, hello, the odds are in your favor right? :) LETS DO ITTTTT!

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  1. I'm sensing some sarcasm in the first paragraph...