Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Awesome... No You're Not Dude, Don't Lie.

Today, I'm going to expand on one of my bestest buds in the whole wide world:

Chris Barry.

Chris Barry has been my friend for the past 4-5 years. We went to school together for 2 of those years, and I swear, he never failed to make my day. Here on the island, we don't see too many Caucasians around, and you know Chris? He was one of the few who lived here. He was the one kid that stood out whenever we'd go anywhere (mostly because of his looks, but his personality stood out as well). He's really tall and wears glasses. He's dorky, but so are half of my other friends and myself... which is why we always got along so well. In 8th grade, he never failed to make my class and I smile every day at school. In 9th grade, he sat in front of me in Sex-Ed, World Geography, and Civics. I always would see him sneak a look at the ESPN website during class when we were supposed to be "working on our research papers." I wouldn't say anything... well most of the time I wouldn't. I swear, if it wasn't for Chris, I probably wouldn't know that much about basketball, baseball, or football; he's the only one who ever exposed me to the teams and team players of these different sports. Every day, there was something to be said about Clemson's basketball team or an insult to a rival team of his favorite football team.

I remember having PE with Chris; I think it was my favorite class besides Algebra and Art. PE in itself wasn't that great of a class. Our teacher made us run and the only sport I really enjoyed playing was kickball, teamball, and the numbers game in basketball (and now, we don't even play teamball anymore). However, Chris was always there to make PE class entertaining. . . Especially when we played kickball. He would be that one person who would call our PE teacher, Mr. L, out on whatever he does wrong. If he rolls it wrong, Chris would be all up on his butt for it. If he makes an unfair call (or even a fair call), Chris would be up and yelling at our PE teacher, calling it unfair. He made everyone laugh at this and it made me enjoy PE class.

When Chris left my school last year, to go to a public school just a couple miles away (literally, like 2-3 miles away), I was devastated. What could I do without my tall, amazingly dorky, dorkasarus rex? I would see him maybe, twice a month, or maybe a bit more, depending on the amount of homework I had. Even after leaving my school, he was still the same Chris. He was still a dork. He still would call out our PE teacher if he ever had the chance. He still played basketball (by the way, 80% of his three-point shots went in). He was still talking about his favorite sport teams. He was stil Chris.

You know, Chris has this one unique characteristic that everyone knows him for:
Mouth-rapping (or rapping a song). He was amazingly good at reciting raps, but it was just so funny to see, because he really made it a point to open his mouth and wave his hands in certain motions. He listened to rap, reggae, hip-hop, and Ke$ha... random combination, no? I remember for his birthday party this year, he rapped to T-Pain and Flo Rida. He was so into it, it was entertaining to watch. And because it was Chris, he got everyone to follow him and we all started rapping and singing in a party bus for like, half-n-hour. Ai, that dork, how I love him to bits! :)

This dork, however, just recently left me. He left to Viriginia with his family, beacuse his father got a new awesometastic job. I miss him so much, and I hate him for leaving... well not really. I actually love that dork to pieces, so I'm just mad that he left me. I'm actually planning on seeing him this summer, if I get enough money to go to Georgetown for JSA. I'm more excited to see him and brother than I am to go to Georgetown... which is a ton.

And Chris Barry, if you ever read this:
I told you so.

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