Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Know What?

I'm already sick and tired of school. I'm already frustrated with my homework. I'm already bored out of my mind during class. And I'm already getting senioritis. I'm only a junior and it's my third week of high school, so this is not good.... right?

I've been known to be the "Procrastinator" in my class, yet, I manage to maintain straight A's. I wait til the last minute to do my work and end up getting full credit (most of the time, anyways). It worked pretty well freshmen year and sophomore year... even with an AP class. Not to brag or anything, but I ended up with a pretty good grade in APUSH sophomore year WITH procrastinating. I'm not saying that procrastinating is the way to go... I'm just saying that anything is possible; even with procrastinating. :)!

However, junior year is definitely not the year to be procrastinating. This is the one year that colleges and universities take maginifying glasses to and examine. This is the one year that truly counts. Sure, the grades from your other classes and years count, but this... this is the year you really need to put effort into. Yet, that intensity hasn't set into me yet. I'm not feeling the pressure or stress of doing well in my classes. This isn't good right? I need to be trying my best... from the very start to the very end.

My focuses for this year?
1) Get my head in the game. Get ready for upcoming tests. Get ready for my sports. Get ready for college. Just. Get. READY.
2) SATs and ACTs. My goal for the SATs is to get a 2000. That's hard, I know... I currently have 1800, so I need to increase my score by 200 points! I CAN DO THIS!
3) Improve my critical reading. Not only because of the SATs and ACTs, but to improve my understanding of reading and all that. I'm taking AP Language this year and AP English Literature next year as a senior, so I need to improve my writing NOW... or else I'll be in deep doodoo. :)

Let's see if I can go through with these focuses. I say I'm going to do them... but in the past, when I say I will do something, only 60% of the time I actually go through with it. SO...


Oh and I ran for co-president today and made a speech. It was epic fail because no one smiled or laughed... I think I'm going to lose. BUT IT'S OKAY, because if I don't make it, at least I won't have to go to Wednesday Meetings for STUCO. :D!

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  1. DUDE, I feel the exact same way. I'm writing about school, too, but I'm procrastinating, and not finishing it. T^T