Wednesday, May 2, 2012

As We Go On, We Remember...

Graduation.  To most, the term usually brings up fear, nostalgia, and much deserved anticipation.  For us, the class of 2012, graduating means the end of our teenage years and the beginning of our adulthood.  It's full of anticipation, fear, excitement, and sadness.  It's funny how one single event can affect so many in just a short amount of time.  From the beginning of the National Anthem, to the closing speech, so many emotions go through not only the graduating class, but through the parents, friends, and teachers watching. 

I am scared, a little bit.  But I am really anticipating my departure.  I know I will miss everyone here and that I won't feel the full effect until I am on a plane onto a new life, but I am just so ready to start anew.  I know I will bawl tears of mixed emotions at my graduation, but I have no shame in saying that.  I will finally be leaving people I have come to know and love - from people I met 9 years ago, to people I met just last year, I will miss everyone so much.  That's probably the one thing I will miss about Saipan (besides the food): the people here are just amazing.  You meet so many different cultures and you assimilate into them so well.

I don't know what else to say about graduating.  I love SIS, but I can't wait to start my life at Stanford.  I am ready to become someone bigger than just the "class nerd."  I like my comfort bubble, but I need to burst it and step out into the world.  I will remember everyone, but it is sad to know that we will never all be in the same room ever again.  Some people will fall out of the loop and do their own things - it seems sad, but I guess that's life.

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