Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Prance n. (pruh-an-se): 1. most commonly known as the SIS dance. 2. hybrid of a prom and dance. 3. an excuse for teenagers to look sexy and dance the night away.

When people hear of "Prance," they think of the verb prance and envision high school kids skipping through forests (or at least, that's what I thought when I first heard of it).  At SIS, Prance is the annual 'prom.'  It all started like, a billion years ago when the high school was still new and there was a large enough class to actually do stuff with (one year, there was only one guy - PARTY OF ONE YEAH!).  So this one chick decided to make up "Prance" a hybrid of "prom" and "dance."  The reason we do this is because there is a stigma attached to "prom" that people spend a butt load of money on this one night and we wanted to refrain from that, so we resorted to Prance.  It's pretty much the same idea though - girls wear fancy dresses and look pretty, while the guys put on suits and look awesome.  This year, like every year, we held our Prance at the Charlies Cabaret at PIC.  The theme was Midnight in Paris, so everything was all French like and awesome.  A backdrop of the Eiffel tower and awesome gift bags completed the night. 

Here's a picture:

 Yeah, we're awesome.  We don't need to prove it to others, nor do we need approval; that's probably why I love this group of kids so much.  We do things for the enjoyment of doing them and we do not care in the slightest how others perceive it.  We don't do things to seem cool and we don't need approval for the things that we do.  We do it for the sole purpose of being good people and enjoying life.  At Prance, we all came and spent our last 'fancy' night together as a group and it was awesome.  These are people whom I will never forget and I'm glad I got to spend a Midnight in Paris with them. :)

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