Monday, May 7, 2012

My Favorite Season

Fallalalalalaaaaaaa.  Oh the fall.  I absolutely LOVE the fall.  The weather, the trees, the nice breeze (it brings out the poet in me)... I absolutely love everything about it.  The idea is also very comforting: a transition from the hot summer to the cold winter.  It's like the calm before the storm, which is usually really really really awesome in respect to any other time, because it contrasts with the two extremes that come before and after it.  I cannot really say anything bad about the fall.

Plus, Thanksgiving is in the fall... ish.  I will say it is to further emphasize and legitimize my point.  The fall is my favorite season.  I cannot wait to spend it in the states, where the whole "four seasons" deal actually happens and isn't just something you read about in books or watch in movies.  I love living on an island, with its usually consistent year-long weather, but I cannot wait to experience going through four seasons and actually noticing it.  The fall just seems perfect - the weather is not too brisk, nor is it steamy hot.  You can wear jeans and a jacket and be perfectly comfortable in the fall (usually... in most places,  I would assume).   But the colors! Oh the colors that you see in the fall.  I know the spring is a time for renewal and that means flowers are blooming and there's a vast array of colors and it is definitely breathtakingly beautiful.  However, there is just something about the fall, the beautiful combination of reds, oranges, and yellows, that really just make me feel so good to be alive.  It's like the mixture of those colors evoke such a strong emotional response from me, but I cannot ever seem to describe the emotion.  There's no word for it nor is there a description that will fit it.  It's just the whole combination of chilly nights and beautiful colors that really attracts me to the fall.

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